Who will win the Euro cup 2008?

June 3, 2008

With 16 teams set to compete in this summer’s European Championships, the world of soccer awaits with much agitation to see their favorite team in Austria and Switzerland on June 29 holding the trophy and earning the right to call themselves champions of Europe for the next four years.

So who will it be?

Will it be the Portuguese with arguably the best player on the planet and at the top of his game? Will it be the Italians; the reigning world champions with the best defense in the world? Will it be the French; with the absence of their inspirational midfielder Zinedine Zidane and bright young stars ready to take his place and their place in history?

Or will it be Spain with their youth and agility? No one knows but as we look ahead to this summer’s European championships we ask ourselves who will be the European champions? Who will take their place in soccer history? And who will go home early to watch from the tele? So as we look on to the next few weeks let us keep an open mind to the events that are about to unfold.
On June 29 a new champion will be crowed who will it be?



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