Spain makes it a perfect Euro 2008

June 29, 2008

Spain today ended what has to be said “a perfect Euro 2008 campaign” with a 1-0 victory over Germany in the Euro 2008 final, in the Ernst Happel Stadion, Vienna, Austria. It took a 33 minute strike from Liverpool’s EL Nino, Fernando Torres to give Spain their first major title in 44 years.

The game started slowly but the Spanish were characteristic in maintaining majority of the possession but never made any major in rodes in the German defense. Germany came into their own with some teasing crosses but no real chance on goal.

On the 33 minute mark; Torres out ran Germany’s left back Phillip Lahm to win a ball that was not supposed to be his and staired his shot over the onrushing Jens Lehmann, to make it 1-0 to Spain at half time.

The second half did not produce much excitement as it seemed Spain was content with their 1-0 lead. The Germanys tried relentlessly to find the equalizer but all their efforts proved futile. It was not be for Michael Ballack and Germany. Ballack who has never won a major final in his career, has lost the second final in this year following his club Chelsea’s loss to Manchester United in the UEFA Champions League final in May.

It has indeed been a very disappointing career for the German # 13 who either not featured in the final for his team or lose the final when he plays. Maybe its his #?

Spain are Euro 2008 Champions and it must be said they have been the most consistent team in the Euros as well as the only undefeated team in the competition.



5 Responses to “Spain makes it a perfect Euro 2008”

  1. fergy on June 30th, 2008 9:44 am

    all the stats suggest spain were worthy winners. most goals, most shots, most shots on target, best pass completion record (think 81%), best player in xavi, best forward in villa, best hole player in senna, best keeper in cassilas and best defender in torres…coach still a jackass for me tho, best thing about him, that surprised me, was that he actually knows iniesta is beta than fabregas…lol

  2. fergy on June 30th, 2008 9:44 am

    best defender puyol, sorry …lol

  3. RG aka RED DEVIL on June 30th, 2008 11:30 am

    mi happy for spain still, also dat torres scored the winner cause he was having a miserable tournament, based on his high standards and his great season with liverpool. Spain unnu bus…lol keep the trend going from now on. As for Mr. Ballack??, wont even go there, 2 easy this!!!

  4. Just another football player on July 1st, 2008 3:14 pm

    You will hardly see a team winning such a difficult competition with that superb skill and superiority above its rivals. Against Spain, all teams seemed to be one or two steps below (even the best), to say the least.

    We should also remark the fact that they were the best is almost each and every stat while playing wonderfully. What a team, man. Reminds me of Brazil 1970!!! In fact, has any of you ever seen Germany completely unable, beaten, and surrendered in a final?

    And it wasn’t only a question of having a great team, but also the fact of having a lot of excelent top world players in all lines. Many of them, maybe the best in their position (Casillas, Ramos, Xavi, Senna, and Villa), not to speak about the ones in the bench, another great squad (substitutes defeated last european champions Greece). Hopefully, after this title, spanish players are finally recognised as they should. As they should have ever been. An how they did? Well, they killed their ghosts (Quarterfinals against Italy & Final against Germany) while giving back a smile.

    And so, fortunately for us football fans, Spain finally won and that is good not only for Spain (who really deserved this much more than any other country, imho), but also for the Netherlands, Portugal, Brazil, and the rest of teams who also (and despite the results still) support this kind of football. Players who love the ball, who caress it rather than just kicking it. Spain really believed in this love for good football and that was good for football itself. They may not have made the world better, but rest assured they have made it more fair. Their achievement in this tornament (one of the best EUROCUP/WORLDCUP I’ve ever seen) is a gift to all the football fans. A message to keep the faith in the quest for art in football.

    Just one final word for Spain: SUPERB. Just as L’Equipe read today:
    “We are proud of you, our new champions!!!”

  5. Blaze on July 3rd, 2008 10:15 am

    Italy is my team but spain was the most consistent team throughout the competition. So i guess they deserved it.

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