Loan Options for Entrepreneur Women

Loan Options

Loan Options

Equality between men and women in the labor field is still far from being one hundred percent complete. They charge less than they do, occupy less reputable positions in business organizations and in times of economic crisis, they are the most affected by unemployment, among other disadvantages.

That is why the entrepreneur must be aware that she has a series of credits specially designed to help her and where the asempe, the Spanish Association of women entrepreneurs, can advise her so that she can enjoy the advantages that these credits make available to all the one that requires it.

These credits want to boost the female presence in the Spanish labor structure with a series of fiscal and economic advantages that are worth taking into account.

Some of these are those that offer sade and plases. They are microcredits that provide easy financing that do not need endorsements, that is if the project is properly studied and qualified as viable. In addition, full advice is provided until the start-up of the business.

They are loans with a maturity of five years, a six-month grace period that is always optional and can cover up to 95% of the project. Without a doubt, credits that encourage women to create their own company without any problem. The interest rate will be according to Interbank of + 1.5% and may be up to 25,000 euros in total. It will be granted to those women who have a business with less than three years old and who do not have it easy to continue financing themselves.

Promoting self-employment is also what NASAMALDRID intends to achieve thanks to a series of loans to boost the creation of companies by women in the Community of Madrid by helping with financing. This institution conducts a study of the company, fine-tuning the financing and each of the requested guarantees are delivered, within 48 hours. The Organization of Professionals and Autonomous (OPA) and the Spanish Confederation of Young Entrepreneurs ( also have other credits that must be taken into account from the start.